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DT Swiss Competition 14/15/14g (Silver) Spoke

DT Swiss Competition 14/15/14g (Silver) Spoke

Model # (DT732)

Product Details

DT Swiss Competition 14/15/14g (Silver) Spoke

- Double butted 2.0/1.8/2.0mm with cold forging technology
- Chrome nickel stainless steel with rolled threads
- Includes 12mm 14g silver brass nipples
- 192g @ 32h/265mm
- Box of 100

  • Part Numbers close open

    Option Barcode Manufacturer's Part Number Vendor Number
    254mm 00840121045654 SCO020254N0100 QBP-SP3254
    256mm 00840121045739 SCO020256N0100 QBP-SP3256
    258mm 00840121045814 SCO020258N0100 QBP-SP3258
    260mm 00840121045890 SCO020260N0100 QBP-SP3260
    261mm 00840121045937 SCO020261N0100 QBP-SP3261
    262mm SCO020262N0100 QBP-SP3262
    263mm 00840121046019 SCO020263N0100 QBP-SP3263
    264mm 00840121046057 SCO020264N0100 QBP-SP3264
    265mm SCO020265N0100 QBP-SP3265
    266mm 00840121046132 SCO020266N0100 QBP-SP3266
    268mm 00840121046217 SCO020268N0100 QBP-SP3268
    269mm 00840121046255 SCO020269N0100 QBP-SP3269
    270mm 00840121046293 SCO020270N0100 QBP-SP3270
    272mm 00840121046378 SCO020272N0100 QBP-SP3272
    274mm 00840121046453 SCO020274N0100 QBP-SP3274
    276mm 00840121046538 SCO020276N0100 QBP-SP3276
    278mm 00840121046613 SCO020278N0100 QBP-SP3278
    280mm 00840121046699 SCO020280N0100 QBP-SP3280
    282mm 00840121046774 SCO020282N0100 QBP-SP3282
    284mm 00840121046859 SCO020284N0100 QBP-SP3284
    286mm 00840121046934 SCO020286N0100 QBP-SP3286
    288mm 00840121047016 SCO020288N0100 QBP-SP3288
    290mm 00840121047092 SCO020290N0100 QBP-SP3290
    291mm 00840121047139 SCO020291N0100 QBP-SP3291
    292mm 00840121047177 SCO020292N0100 QBP-SP3292
    293mm 00840121047214 SCO020293N0100 QBP-SP3293
    294mm 00840121047252 SCO020294N0100 QBP-SP3294
    295mm 00840121047290 SCO020295N0100 QBP-SP3295
    296mm 00840121047337 SCO020296N0100 QBP-SP3296
    297mm 00840121047375 SCO020297N0100 QBP-SP3297
    298mm SCO020298N0100 QBP-SP3298
    299mm 00840121047450 SCO020299N0100 QBP-SP3299
    300mm 00840121047498 SCO020300N0100 QBP-SP3300
    302mm 00840121047573 SCO020302N0100 QBP-SP3302
    304mm 00840121047658 SCO020304N0100 QBP-SP3304
    306mm 00840121047733 SCO020306N0100 QBP-SP3306
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