Meet Our Staff

Tom Harvey – Owner

I went to my first BMX race back in 1978, took first place and never looked back. I’m what you call a lifer in the bike business and still loving it after 30 plus years. I have experienced the ups, downs and ever changing trends of this business but have never lost my passion and willingness to learn and grow.

In the early 2000’s I enjoyed my second wind racing BMX with my three sons. They’re all grown up now and I have the pleasure of having my oldest work at the shop with me. Still an avid cyclist be it road, mountain or BMX I’m just looking for more time to ride.

What you may not know is when I’m not working here at the shop or riding my bike I love building classical guitars ( and missionary work in Africa & Ecuador.

Tommy Harvey

I have had the pleasure of growing up working for my family’s bike shop off and on since I was a little kid. My first job I believe was breaking down cardboard so I could get chicken wings for lunch, and now I'm a full time 3rd generation shop employee. My first experience in cycling was racing BMX for Wooden Wheels National team up until I was 16 years old, which ended in a serious wreck that put me out for good. Now I'm hooked on mountain biking and road riding all for fun, no racing yet. Besides cycling my real passions are surfing and traveling, which I try to squeeze in as much as I can. All I can say is bikes are in my blood and I love it.

Chris Denney

Most of my friends know me as Topher and I started riding bikes when I was about 10 years old. When I was 13 I got involved in BMX racing and shortly thereafter I started mountain biking with my father. A little over four years ago my enthusiasm rapidly grew and I started racing mountain bikes. Within four years I went from a novice mountain biker to an Open/Pro Category 1 racer. When I’m not in the shop I’m usually outside enjoying everything from Rock Climbing to a round of Golf, anything outside will do.

Robbie Downward

I’ve been into cycling since I was about 10 years old riding my BMX bikes all over the place. A friend’s older brother raced BMX and got me and my friends into riding trails and jumping. This led us to pretty much living in the woods, digging holes and building jumps. Through riding bikes I’ve met some of the raddest people and have been to so many new places I would have never experience otherwise… all thanks to my bike. Now working at the shop and it gives me the opportunity to have discussions with others for their same love for riding bikes. Outside of bikes I enjoy working on cars on the side.

Kyle Stawicki

My love for cycling started in the early 90s watching Lemond and Kvalsvoll support each other through Delaware alongside my Pops during Tour Dupont. Spending my younger years riding BMX casually it wasn't long before I started tinkering on old road frames and riding anything I could get my hands on. Growing up in Elkton I found enjoyment picking up Groceries or running errands on a track bike which only developed into a lust for gears and everything cycling under the sun. Living in Newark for several years I've gotten more so into long road rides and the occasional Trail ride with lots of Cyclocross miles throughout the winter. Although I've developed a love for modern cycling technology I always have a soft spot in my heart for steel road and track frames.
When I'm not cycling I spend most of my time recording music and tinkering on older guitars and recording equipment.
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