Bike Fitting

Bike Fit GuruIf the shoe fits, wear it. If the bike fits, ride it… a lot. Fitting bikes to people is actually a skill you learn from riding them and fitting a lot of people. Good fit lets you ride until your legs are tired. Your contact points should not limit your rides. If your bike fit is good, your bike rides will be good as well. A well-fit bike is a joy to own and often tricks you into riding more.

What makes good fit? The length of your bike and your torso are tied together closer than the size of your frame and the length of your legs. We calculate the best possible top tube and stem combinations that place your upper body upon the bike in an ergonomic and stable position. This position saves your strength for pedaling not fighting the improper position and makes riding more enjoyable.

Fit is so important to all riders of all levels. Everyone riding today could use a fit Tune up, and if you ride in pain then you need help. With new riders a well-fit bike keeps you from learning bad habits. For experienced riders or racers a fitting could give you that little extra to take you to the next level.

Wooden Wheels recognizes the importance of a properly sized bike and we have combined the best reference materials, extensive training, detailed measurement systems and 36 years of experience to offer several fitting options. Getting the correct size bike is the first step to a good fit. To take any guess work out we offer a detailed measurement and 5 point on the bike setup FREE of charge with any road or tri bike purchase. But if your looking to take your bike fit to the next level Wooden Wheels offers several advanced options as well.

If you have any questions or are interested in a fitting please stop in or contact us for an appointment.

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